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Joint Briefing on the Public Order Bill

Protest is a human right. The Public Order Bill is a direct threat on our right to protest. 

We urge MPs to defend everyone's right to protest and vote against the Public Order Bill in its entirety. If it passes, this Bill will create a significant chilling effect on our ability to stand up to power.

Read our joint briefing with a coalition spanning human rights, privacy, criminal justice, democracy, children's rights, international development, environment, freedom of speech, violence against women and girls, refugee and migrant rights, community and faith sectors: and we all stand against the Public Order Bill.

This bill has reached the report stage in the House of Commons only months after anti-protest measures were enacted with the Policing, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act. 

Joint briefing on the Public Order Bill for Report Stage in the House of Commons, Oct 2022.pdf