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Protect the Protest (73)
May 13 2024 12:10am
UK: Chinese and Hong Kong students in UK live in fear from long-arm of Chinese government
Chinese students in UK, other parts of Europe and North America face i...
May 10 2024 5:09pm
UK: Immigration powers ‘must not be weaponised’ to suppress Gaza protests
‘Immigration powers must not be weaponised to suppress freedom of expr...
Mar 8 2024 3:05pm
UK: Letter from leading rights groups warn Government of 'chilling effect' on protests
46 organisations sign on letter calling on Prime Minister to immediate...
Mar 8 2024 12:30pm
Hong Kong: Article 23 legislation takes repression to the ‘next level’
Activists could be prosecuted for interacting with foreign organisatio...
Mar 8 2024 10:03am
Open Letter: UK Government must stop crackdown on freedom of expression
8 March 2024  To the Prime Minister,  RE: Government proposa...
Feb 29 2024 9:51am
PM's accusation of 'mob rule' puts right to peaceful protest at risk
In response to the Prime Minister's call for further restrictions on p...
Feb 23 2024 2:11pm
UK: More protest restrictions will further undermine basic human rights
‘Criminalising demonstrations outside Parliament in the name of protec...
Feb 8 2024 2:31pm
UK: Government’s protest plans ‘a direct attack’ on people’s rights
In reaction to the Government’s proposal of new protest laws, Sacha De...
Jan 25 2024 10:57am
Hong Kong: Overturning Chow Hang-tung acquittal for Tiananmen vigil ‘another blow’ to rule of law
Hong Kong activist and lawyer faces a potential life prison sentence ...