April 2015 local groups pack - Human Rights Act

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To protect human rights in the UK, right now we need to protect the Human Rights Act.

Negative press coverage of human rights and calls for the Act to be scrapped have led some politicians to think that limiting our rights would be a popular move. 

In the lead up to May's General Election we need to send a clear message to all political parties: human rights matter. And your local campaigning is crucial to that. 

Opportunity – a very local national campaign

The 2015 election will see a series of critical localised battles right across the UK. Campaigns in London and Brighton will be as different from one another as the campaigns in Manchester and Sheffield, or Glasgow and Edinburgh.

With our wide and powerful activist network this presents a real opportunity for us to:

  • Craft the human rights debate into an issue that can begin to win public support for the Human Rights Act – and for human rights in general.
  • Speak to different parts of the country with more targeted stories on human rights that relate to people and their communities through the UK.

We need to show that people in the UK care about human rights and will fight to defend the Human Rights Act. Your group can help to do this by:

  • Ensuring that people in your area understand how the Human Rights Act protects them
  • Telling your parliamentary candidates why human rights and the Human Rights Act are important to you.

Find everything you need to know, including a template press release, in the downloads below.

Keep the Human Rights Act - action
Keep the Human Rights Act - briefing
Keep the Human Rights Act - template letter for press