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2015 UK general election and lobbying training pack

Polling station sign at the 2010 general election © EEPaul via Flickr Creative Commons

These ten files form a training pack for teaching about human rights and lobbying during the 2015 UK general election.

We've created it for Amnesty Trainers to use when engaging with Local Groups, Student Groups or external organisations, in a training or facilitation setting. Trainers may add or delete slides as they find appropriate and adapt the script to suit the style and length of your session. Also included are additional materials which can be used in selected activities.

Training objectives

1.    Provide an introduction to Amnesty’s general election strategy.
2.    Understand how to operate under The Lobbying Act.
3.    Build the skills and understanding needed to lobby effectively.

Training pack contents

This general election and lobbying training pack contains the following materials to support training:

  1. Facilitation Notes
  2. The Lobbying Act: a guide for Amnesty groups
  3. Stop Torture - General Election Briefing 2015
  4. Human Rights Act - General Election Briefing 2015
  5. Case Sheet - Human Rights Act
  6. Five Top Lobbying Tips
  7. Prospective Parliamentary Candidates Biographies
  8. Links to Resources
  9. FAQs
Facilitation notes for this training pack
The Lobbying Act: A guide for local groups
The Human Rights Act: A general election briefing
Stop Torture campaign: A general election briefing
The Human Rights Act: A case sheet
Top lobbying tips
Prospective parliamentary candidates biographies
General election and lobbying pack links
Frequently asked questions