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Today the Queen set out the government’s priorities for the next Parliamentary session. 
Here’s a round up of what we made of it.

The (mostly) good

It was great to hear that government will continue to move forward with new laws to better support domestic abuse survivors. 

The catch

We want to see it go further. 
Migrant women are often already isolated in society. They need to have safe access to safe reporting systems, public funds and support services. Plus the immigration system should protect not threaten them. 
To do the right thing, the government needs to offer safety and protection to everyone who experiences this horrendous violence – regardless of immigration status.

What can we do to change this?
Add your name to our petition with Step Up Migrant Women, if you agree. 

The bad

Thousands of people in Northern Ireland were killed, injured and tortured during the Troubles. So, as you can imagine, we're disappointed (yet again) to see that the government failed to announce legislation to deal with the legacy of these human rights violations. 
It’s unacceptable that victims and their families have had to wait so long for truth and justice. Their agony must be brought to an end.

The completely ignored

There was no mention in Her Majesty’s speech about reforming our broken immigration system - especially the Home Office’s excessive and inhumane detention and deportation powers.  
These need to be looked at urgently and politicians should demand a more human approach. People must be treated with humanity and their rights respected.


It goes without saying that there’s a lot that needs doing. Brexit mustn’t get in the way of them  tackling injustice in the UK.
Our alternative Queen’s Speech lists the top 7 things we’re focusing on to challenge injustices in the UK and around the world.