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USA: after another court defeat, Trump should drop 'discriminatory' Muslim travel ban

Donlad Trump's attempt to introduce a travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries has been rejected by the US courts © Alex Wong / Getty Images

Following a ruling earlier today by a US appeals court upholding a block on a revised travel ban which President Trump’s government had attempted to introduce, Margaret Huang, Amnesty International USA’s executive director, said:

“It’s always been crystal clear that this policy is discriminatory and cruel at its core. 

“Rather than keeping anyone safe, this ban demonises millions of innocent people and creates anxiety and instability for people who want to visit a relative, work, study, return to the country they call home, or just travel without fear. 

“The Trump Administration must drop all defences of this bigoted ban. 

“If they won’t drop their appeals, Congress must step in and nullify this order once and for all.”


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