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UK: Rishi Sunak's PMQs trans jibe was 'sickening'

Responding to comments by Rishi Sunak during prime minister’s questions in the House of Commons today, Chiara Capraro, Amnesty International UK’s Gender Justice Director, said: 

“The prime minister’s comments on trans people today were sickening and he should quickly - and unreservedly - apologise.

“If this is the example being set by the prime minister, then the situation is truly bleak. 

“Today was appalling, but it’s not an isolated instance. Sections of the media and politicians who’ve long indulged in fearmongering, disinformation and dehumanisation of trans people have been contributing to a hostile anti-trans climate.  

“Although it should never take a horrific hate crime to spark a degree of reflection, it’s not too late to change course. 

“Standing up for trans people is important for everyone, and if we undermine the human rights of a small group of people there will be damaging consequences for all of us.” 

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