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UK: Review into impact of COVID-19 on ethnic minorities urgently required

‘Incredibly troubling’ new figures show ethnic minorities dying of COVID-19 at much higher rate

Responding to new analysis showing that people from minority ethnic groups appear to be over-represented among England coronavirus deaths by as much as 27%, Kate Allen, Amnesty UK Director, said:

“These figures are incredibly troubling and require urgent and serious action from the Government.

“The coronavirus crisis has highlighted the harsh reality of racial inequality in our society. As figures continue to expose the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on ethnic minorities, any delay in understanding and tackling this stark inequality could cost more lives.

“We urge the Government to begin its review into the impact of COVID-19 on ethnic minorities as a matter of urgency.

“For the review to have any meaningful impact, it must remain independent, transparent and thorough.

“Extremely importantly, the review must be rigorous and meaningfully engage with the communities and individuals affected.”

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