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UK: Decision on Gay Asylum Seekers is to be applauded and is long overdue

In response to the announcement regarding gay asylum seekers’ right to remain, Kate Allen, Amnesty International UK’s Director, said:
“Around the globe lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are being criminalised, tortured and otherwise ill-treated because of their sexuality.
“Iran and Cameroon are two particular countries where Amnesty International has long expressed serious concern for the situation of LGBT people.
“Today's judgement is to be applauded. It ensures that those individuals who have been forced to flee their home countries for fear of persecution on the basis of sexual orientation, are finally given the protection they deserve.
“No person should be obliged to live in constant terror of persecution, nor should they be told that they are required to conceal their own sexual identity as a reasonable means of self protection. This move is long overdue.
“Amnesty International hopes that this judgement will help decision makers to get the assessment of an asylum application right first time."

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