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UK: David Cameron's promise of 'modest expansion' of Syrian refugee resettlement falls short

Open to Syria
Open to Syria © ALI ALSHEIKH KHEDR / Amnesty International
Responding to today’s announcement by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron to allow ‘modest expansion’ of the government’s current resettlement scheme of Syrian refugees, Amnesty International welcomed the move, but described the UK Government’s analysis of the refugee crisis ‘flawed’. 
Amnesty International UK’s Refugee expert, Steve Symonds said:
“We welcome Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to increase the number of Syrian refugees being resettled in the UK. 
“But the UK and Europe must do more to support poorer countries accommodating millions of refugees, and to share the responsibility by accepting more refugees.
“Worryingly though, Mr Cameron’s understanding of the extreme situation impacting refugees remains flawed.  There is no link between boarding a boat and settling in Europe. It is unhelpful to imply otherwise.
“People fleeing the ravages of conflict and insecurity dice with their lives as they board a rickety boat because the alternative is far worse.
“Sadly, while the government’s analysis remains flawed, ‘modest’ proposals like this will continue to be inadequate.” 

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