UK: Conversion therapy ban without trans and non-binary people is 'not a real ban'

In response to news of the UK government’s ban on ‘conversion therapy’ to go ahead but not cover trans or non-binary people, Lydia Parker, Amnesty International UK’s Programme Director, said:

“Conversion therapy is an abhorrent practice which tells LGBTI+ people they are ‘sick’ and ‘broken’.

“Such so-called ‘therapy’ can constitute torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and should be stamped out now with no excuses.

“A ban on conversion therapy that is not LGBTI+ inclusive is not a real ban on conversion therapy. Trans and non-binary people also need to be protected from this dangerous practice.

“Conversion therapy has no place anywhere in our society and we will continue to press for comprehensive bans in all parts of the UK.”

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