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Sudan: Killing of protesters must be investigated immediately

In response to security officers opening fire on protesters in Sudan, leaving at least nine people dead and dozens more injured over the past two days, Seif Magango, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for East Africa, said:

“These killings must stop. Opening fire on unarmed protesters cannot be justified and what is clearly needed now is an independent, efficient investigation into these events.

“All those responsible for unnecessary or excessive use of force, including those with command responsibility, must be brought to justice. 

“The government must also immediately and unconditionally release all those arrested for peacefully exercising their right to freedom of expression, association and assembly.

“It must address the root cause of the rapidly deteriorating economic conditions in the country instead of trying to prevent people from fully exercising their right to protest against the growing hardships they are facing.”

Sudan is currently experiencing a severe economic crisis which has led to a rise in the cost of fuel, electricity, transport, food and medicine, provoking countrywide protests.

Since 14 December, tens of thousands of people have been taking part in protests in different parts of the country, including in Wad Madani, Port Sudan, Gebeit, Al-Qadarif, Atbara, Berber, Dongla, Karima, Al-Damazin, Al Obeid, Al Fasher, Khartoum and Omdurman.

On Wednesday and Thursday this week, security officers shot at protesters to disperse them killing six people in Al Qadarif, one in Berber and two in Karima. Yesterday, the government has also shut down the internet in yet another attempt to stop the protests. 

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