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Sri Lanka: Attack on displaced civilians must be investigated

At least 50 people have died and over 100 have been injured after an attack on a camp for internally displaced people in Batticaloa, Eastern Sri Lanka, according to Tamil Tiger sources. In response, Amnesty International's Asia Pacific Director Purna Sen said:

“It is appalling that the military should attack a camp for displaced people - these are civilians who have already been forced from their homes because of the conflict.

“We condemn all attacks on civilians and are particularly saddened and shocked to see such a large-scale attack on civilians just days after the government’s announcement of its Commission of Inquiry into human rights abuses.

"Killing and injuring civilians can never be justified. The government must investigate this terrible attack as a matter of urgency. It must ensure that those responsible are brought to justice to signal to the rest of the military that attacking civilians will not be tolerated."

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