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Scotland: Kenny Richey: Return to Scotland welcomed

Amnesty International has welcomed news that Kenny Richey, a Scottish man who has spent over 20 years on death row in Ohio, USA, is about to return to his native Edinburgh.

Mr Richey, who won an appeal against his capital conviction in August last year, yesterday entered a “no contest” plea to reduced charges which sees the 43-year-old being released after more than 21 years in prison. He is expected back in Scotland tomorrow.

Mr Richey was convicted of arson and murder in the state of Ohio and sentenced to death on 27 January 1987. However, he has always vehemently protested his innocence.

Amnesty International’s Scottish Programme Director John Watson said:

“It’s an incredible moment: Kenny is now a free man after spending more than two decades on death row.

“He’s suffered from shoddy justice in the United States but now at least he’s on his way home.

“We wish him all the best as he adjusts to life as a free man.”

For several years Amnesty International had been urging the Ohio state authorities to allow Kenny Richey the opportunity to have fresh evidence heard. It has also repeatedly asked the UK government to maintain pressure on the US authorities in line with the government’s policy of opposing the death penalty in all instances.

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