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Scotland: Holyrood has opportunity to be world leader with new human rights law

Human rights for all

Scottish Government commits to four international human rights treaties to protect the rights of disabled people, black and ethnic minority people, women and economic, social and cultural rights                                                

We welcome these recommendations and look forward to ensuring the strongest possible human rights protections for everyone in Scotland’ - Naomi McAuliffe

Responding to the Scottish Government’s commitment to introduce a new human rights Bill which will apply recommendations from the National Taskforce on Human Rights Leadership report including incorporating four international human rights treaties into Scots law, Naomi McAuliffe, Amnesty International’s Scotland Programme Director, said:

“This is a chance for not only global leadership from the Scottish Government but leadership within the UK where we’re seeing continued threats to our fundamental protections including the Human Rights Act, the right to protest, and the devastating impact the pandemic has had on care homes residents, frontline workers, and black and ethnic minority people.

“Covid-19 has exposed how fragile our rights are, whether its children not being able to attend school; people being pushed into poverty and fearful for their homes and ability to feed their families; or essential workers being exposed to infection without adequate protection, it’s never been clearer we must protect the basic rights we need to live and thrive.                                    

“The rights to housing, health, and education should be at the centre of government policy and incorporating these basic rights in Scots law will be instrumental in securing Scotland’s post-Covid19 future, ensuring strong legal protections for everyone must be the foundation we build on.

“Politicians and policy-makers need to be held accountable for their decisions and when things go wrong, we must also give ordinary people the chance for justice and to hold those responsible to account..

“As we witness more moves by the UK Government to erode our rights protections, the Scottish Parliament has the opportunity to be a leader in human rights and move forwards rather than backwards in protecting the public.”


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