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Russia: Human rights agenda ahead of elections on Sunday

The victor in Russia’s presidential elections on 4 March must place human rights at the heart of their political agenda, Amnesty International said.

During the past few weeks, all the presidential candidates have touched on issues preventing Russian society from fulfilling its rich potential.

In A Human Rights Agenda for Russia , Amnesty International details how human rights-based solutions are essential for Russia to move forward.

Sergei Nikitin, Director of Amnesty International Representative Office in the Russian Federation, said:

“As the first generation of post-soviet voters heads to the polls, the hopes and expectations of all Russians remain what they always were – the full enjoyment, for so long denied, of their most basic rights as individuals and as citizens.

“During elections, we often hear the right words from the various candidates. This time, the future president must lay out specific steps for change and demonstrate action – there can be no more excuses.

“We urge the next President not to let voters down and to give rise to Russia as a new global leader in human rights, so it can live up to the political and economic expectations of its people.”

  • Read the full briefing: A human rights agenda for Russia (PDF)

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