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Palestinian Authority: Fresh appeal for Alan Johnston’s release after 100 days in captivity

Amnesty International has issued a fresh call for BBC reporter Alan Johnston to be released on the 100th day since his captivity began.

Amnesty International members around the world continue to campaign for his safe return, sending thousands of appeals to the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian leaders urging them to spare no efforts to ensure that Alan is released without delay.

Fears for Mr Johnston’s safety have been growing and hopes for his imminent safe return have been repeatedly dashed, not least as “The Army of Islam”, the armed group which has claimed responsibility for his kidnapping, continued to reject call for his release. In fact, recent statements by the group indicating that he will not be released and may be harmed unless their demands are met, have fuelled more fears.

In his three years of reporting from the region Mr Johnston was the only western journalist permanently based in Gaza and many of his reports contained important accounts of human rights violations being perpetrated in the territory.


Abductions and other acts of lawlessness perpetrated by Palestinian armed groups and gangs, especially in Gaza, stem from the failure of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to ensure the rule of law and end impunity.

More than 300 Palestinians, including many unarmed civilians, have been killed during the past three months in Gaza in clashes between Palestinian armed groups and rival PA security forces affiliated with the Fatah and Hamas parties.

Those responsible continue to enjoy impunity, with the PA judicial system in disarray and virtually paralysed, and with serious doubts remaining over whether the PA is willing and able to take the necessary steps to end the lawlessness.

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