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Northern Ireland: first same-sex marriage takes place

**Cáitlín and Holly in the above video are another same-sex couple amongst the first to be married legally in Northern Ireland**

‘This is a moment Northern Ireland will remember forever’ - Patrick Corrigan 

The first same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland has taken place this afternoon.

Belfast couple Robyn Peoples, 26, and Sharni Edwards, 27, made their wedding vows at 2pm this afternoon in a hotel in Carrickfergus

Amnesty International and the Love Equality campaign led the movement for equal marriage in Northern Ireland, which culminated in the historic law change last year. 

Patrick Corrigan, Northern Ireland Director of Amnesty International, said: 

“This is a moment Northern Ireland will remember forever - this is the day love became equal in the eyes of the law. 

“Robyn and Sharni’s love story has become the tale of a successful fight for equality. 

“This is a historic occasion of which we can all be proud. As of today, Northern Ireland is a more equal, loving and happy place.”  

A parliamentary event to celebrate the first marriage will take place at Westminster this evening. It will be attended by Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Julian Smith MP, Conor McGinn MP, Lord Hayward, Amnesty UK Director, Kate Allen, and couples who have been involved in the equal marriage campaign. Sara Canning - partner of Lyra McKee, the journalist who was murdered in Derry last April - will give a speech. 

Robyn and Sharni are the first same-sex couple to be married in Northern Ireland, to the knowledge of the Love Equality campaign. Same-sex marriage could legally take place in Northern Ireland from Monday 10 February. 

Photographs available

Photographs of Robyn and Sharni at their wedding ceremony can be downloaded here, credit: Justin Kernoghan/Amnesty International.

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