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Murder of Maldives MP earlier today condemned

Amnesty International has condemned the murder of an MP in the Maldives, as political turmoil continues to escalate in the country.

Dr Afrasheem Ali was stabbed to death outside his home in the capital Malé early this morning. Circumstances around the killing are still unclear, and the local authorities have yet to identify a suspect.

The death of Dr Ali, a member of parliament for the government-aligned Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM), comes at a time of political turmoil on the island nation, with former President Mohamad Nasheed set to face trial for his alleged role in the arrest of a judge.

Amnesty International Maldives researcher Abbas Faiz said:

“Amnesty International condemns this shocking act of violence against Dr Afrasheem Ali.

“We call on the Maldives authorities to ensure that the investigation into the killing meets international human rights standards, and that no suspect is ill-treated or tortured.

“Given the current tense climate in the Maldives, all political actors must show restraint and ensure that this killing does not lead to more violence.”

Last month, Amnesty published a report - “The other side of paradise: A human rights crisis in the Maldives” - documenting human rights violations against protesters in the Maldives during 2012.

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