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John Amaechi to open prestigious anti-discrimination photo exhibition

This Saturday (3 March) a prestigious education centre in Croatia will open its doors for the start of a unique photography exhibition celebrating diversity across Europe.

“Yes to Diversity, no to discrimination,” is the conclusion of a Europe-wide Amnesty International competition and is being opened by renowned Amnesty supporter, BBC commentator and former NBA basketball star John Amaechi. John Amaechi was also the first professional player in the NBA to come out as gay.

The competition was open to amateur photographers across Europe and attracted over 500 entries. They were challenged to submit powerful images promoting the value of a society without discrimination. An international jury of professional photographers and human rights activists met in Brussels to choose the top 12, and it is those 12 that will be on display at Pučko Otvoreno Učilište (the Centre for Cultural and Educational Activities) in Split from Saturday.

Kate Allen, Director of Amnesty International UK, said:

“These images are simply beautiful. It is often said that a picture tells a thousand words and each of those wonderful photographs does exactly that.

“Discrimination is one of Europe’s most pressing human rights concerns, affecting the lives of millions of people across the continent. Millions of people are still subjected to exclusion, poverty, ill-treatment, even violence, because of who they are, what they are presumed to be or what they believe.”

The competition was organised by Amnesty International’s Fight Discrimination in Europe Campaign, which seeks to expose the impact of discrimination on peoples’ lives and empower individuals to claim their rights, ensuring that all people in Europe enjoy effective protection against discrimination.

The campaign focuses on discrimination against Roma, LGBTI people and discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origin and religious belief.

The exhibition runs until 10 March.

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