ISRAEL/OT/PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY: Only Full Investigations Can Restore Value to Human Life

'Lethal force should never be used when lives are not in danger,' Amnesty International said. 'Only if full investigations are made into every killing will human life once again be given a value in Israel and the Occupied Territories.'

Amnesty International stated that the failure to investigate killings is reinforcing a culture of impunity in the IDF and a cycle of violence and revenge. The organization called for those who commit or order unlawful killings, whether Israeli or Palestinian, to be brought to justice.

However, the organization stressed that the arrest of perpetrators should be carried out according to international standards. 'Those arrested must be treated humanely, brought promptly before a judge and given a fair trial.'

'We will continue to vigorously oppose prolonged political detention without trial,' Amnesty International said.

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