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Glasgow and Edinburgh take part in Global Day of Action for Burma

Glasgow and Edinburgh will be two of nearly 70 cities around the world taking part in a Global Day of Action to show support for democracy activists in Burma.

The demonstrations in Glasgow and Edinburgh are supported by a wide range of groups and representatives of Scotland’s Buddhist community. They will take place in solidarity with the monks and peaceful demonstrators in Burma, with participants dressed in red peacefully calling for democracy and human rights for all.

In the last few weeks, tens of thousands of Burmese people have taken to the streets to protest against their country’s unelected government. The peaceful protests have been met by a harsh military crackdown, mass arrests and the shooting of unarmed civilians.

Although official reports speak about nine people killed, Amnesty International fears the actual number of fatalities is far higher. Over the past week, Burma security forces have raided monasteries and attacked peaceful demonstrators, firing live bullets as well as tear gas and beating protesters with batons. At least 1,000 people are believed to have been arrested in Rangoon alone. There is a grave risk that security forces will continue arrests and react with escalating violence to any further demonstrations calling for democratic reforms.

John Watson, Scottish Programme Director for Amnesty International, said:

“The Burmese people have taken to the streets to demand peace, democracy and respect for human rights but have received only brutal repression from an unelected and unpopular dictatorship. These brave people must not be abandoned by the international community.”

Amnesty International is urging the United Nations Security Council to immediately impose a comprehensive and mandatory arms embargo on Burma and to urge the immediate release of peaceful protestors.

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