Ghana: Reggae star agrees to engage with Amnesty after international reaction to his comments

The Ghana reggae star Blakk Rasta has agreed to engage with Amnesty representatives after his comments made to a website caused international uproar.

In an interview given to he described homosexuality as a “mental disorder”.

Amnesty reacted angrily to the comments and this led to the musician contacting Amnesty directly.

In a statement given to Amnesty International, Blakk Rasta said:

“As a Rasta man I uphold values of non-violence, non-discrimination, veganisim, understanding and love.

“The international reaction to my comments, has persuaded me that I need to go deeply into the matter and do some more research on this subject [of homosexuality].

“I would encourage anyone who has researched this subject to send me the information on my web site so that I can form a considered opinion.

“In the meantime if my remarks have caused any form of violence it was not at all intended, that is something I would never want.”

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