Ghana: Amnesty disappointed by reggae star's homophobic comments

Responding to Blakk Rasta’s homophobic comments on, Clare Bracey, Amnesty International UK’s LGBT campaign manager, said:
“To describe homosexuality as a ‘disorder’ is simply abhorrent – and Blakk Rasta’s comments should be condemned vigorously from all quarters.
“Amnesty has documented many cases where people across the world have faced violence, discrimination, torture, imprisonment and even execution because of their sexual orientation. And whilst Blakk Rasta states that he does not ‘incite violence against gays and lesbians’,  public statements like this perpetuate a climate of discrimination and intimidation against LGBT people, and in many instances, are the cause of abuses.
“The perception of homosexuality as a disorder that needs to be ‘put right’ serves to legitimise such violence.
“Sadly his comments reflect a growing rise of homophobia across Africa and those prevailing attitudes need to be challenged.
“Amnesty International firmly believes that everyone has a right to express their sexual orientation without discrimination or fear of prosecution.”

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