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FIJI: Rule of law or rule by force

Fiji's Interim Prime Minister, in a first reaction to the judgment which ruled that the government which took over after the May coup was illegal, has suggested that a different 'standard of human rights' applied in Fiji.

'Human rights are internationally recognised as universal - they apply equally everywhere for everyone. Fiji needs to find a way of solving its problems in accordance with these international standards, recognising that indigenous rights are equal - not superior - to other human rights. Racial discrimination, or even racist violence, cannot be justified,' the organisation said.

'In UN peace-keeping operations, Fiji soldiers have died in defence of human rights and the rule of law. Amnesty International urges the Great Council of Chiefs and the Interim Administration to now defend these fundamental values at home.'

The Fiji authorities' response to today's Court of Appeal judgment on constitutional rights will be an example for future generations and far beyond the Pacific, Amnesty International said.

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