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Fear of torture for those detained in Papua violence

Indonesian security forces opened fire during attempts to forcibly remove Papuan flags flying in several locations in Wamena town. Two people, Agustinus Murip and Eliezer Alua, were shot dead and around 28 injured, including members of the security forces.

Local people took to the streets to protest against the killings. During the ensuing violence, around 30 people were killed, including 11 people who were reportedly shot by members of the security forces. Most of the other victims are believed to have been migrants from elsewhere in Indonesia who were reportedly killed by locals.

According to reports from local human rights activists, around 200 people, including 25 Children's rights, were originally arrested in connection with the violence, but most were released shortly afterwards. Some of those released told local human rights monitors that they witnessed other detainees being tortured by the police.

The police reportedly beat, kicked and used razors to torture those who refused to renounce support for Papuan independence. The 15 who continue to be detained currently do not have access to lawyers or their families, increasing the risk of torture or ill-treatment.

Two others, Yorenius Wenda and Alex Meage, believed to be members of the pro-independence militia group, the Papua Taskforce (Satgas Papua), were reportedly taken from their homes by members of the Indonesian National Army (Tentara Nasional Indonesia, TNI) over the weekend. Local human rights monitors have checked with Jayawijaya District Military Command (Kodim), but the TNI reportedly denied knowledge of their whereabouts. Amnesty International fears that they may be at risk of torture or extrajudicial execution

Amnesty International is calling on the Indonesian authorities to clarify the whereabouts and guarantee the safety of all detainees. The authorities should also investigate the alleged killings by security forces and bring those responsible for human rights violations to justice.

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