BANGLADESH: Amnesty International condemns the killing of people at Baniarchar Church

Gopalgonj is 100 km south of the capital Dhaka. It is the home district of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and an Awami League constituency. Baniarchar is one of three Churches in the area. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. There have been various speculations in the Bangladesh media about possible perpetrators and their motives but government authorities have reportedly blamed Islamist groups for the incident.

According to media reports, the government has already ordered an investigation but it has given no public indication about its terms of reference or an official commitment that it will be completed within a reasonable period of time.

Amnesty International is adding its voice to the calls within Bangladesh that the perpetrators of this attack on civilians must not be allowed to escape justice. It urges the government to establish an impartial, independent and competent inquiry into the incident with a view to identifying the perpetrators and bringing them to justice without delay.

In Amnesty International's view, the right to life and to physical integrity is the foundation of all other human rights. The loss of human life is irreversible. Each government authority, each armed group and all individuals must recognize this right.

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