AUSTRALIA: Now the Yes is in on marriage equality, Prime Minister has 23 days to deliver

Amnesty International warmly welcomes this morning’s announcement that a majority of Australians who participated in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey said yes to equality, love, fairness and family.

Amnesty International Australia’s Marriage Equality Campaign Coordinator Naomi Vaughan, said:

“Marriage Equality is a human right and all Australians have the right to equal treatment under the law. LGBTQI couples have waited long enough for marriage equality and we’re thrilled to see Australia take a step closer to achieving this

“The Government wanted this survey to take the temperature of Australia’s mood in relation to this issue. Well, Australia has spoken loud and clear. The Government must now act to deliver marriage equality to all Australians by the end of 2017.

“Australians have said YES, now it’s time for Parliament to do the same. Marriage equality matters to Australians. There are 23 days until the end of the parliamentary year, Prime Minister Turnbull – let’s get this done.”



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