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Amnesty International welcomes Parliament report on Migration and Trafficking

Amnesty International today welcomed the new report on Migration and Trafficking produced by the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee.  The human rights group welcomed the comprehensive analysis of the current scale and awareness of trafficking in Scotland and clear agenda for tackling this appalling violation of basic human rights.

Amnesty particularly welcomed the report’s recommendations for better support for victims of trafficking in Scotland, together with a presumption against the prosecution of victims for crimes committed as part of the trafficking experience.  Amnesty also applauded the Committee’s call for a robust approach to prosecuting the traffickers who profit from the trade in, and exploitation of, human beings through efforts to increase Scotland’s disappointing conviction rate for trafficking offences.
John Watson, Scottish Programme Director for Amnesty International, said: “Our own research suggests that this modern day slave trade is taking place around Scotland.
“The Committee has produced a thorough examination of this extremely serious problem and sets out a clear and really positive way forward in dealing with this appalling crime. We look forward to a renewed effort from the Scottish Government in response”.

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