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Payroll giving

Stand up for humanity and human rights through your pay

By giving a regular donation through your pay, you can be reassured that while you are busy at work, we will be busy working to protect people around the world facing torture, abuse and discrimination.

Tax free donations allow you to give more for less

Payroll giving allows you to give more for less as you don’t pay tax on the amount you donate. So a monthly pledge of £10 would only cost you £8 or £6, if you are a higher rate tax payer.

Double your donations with matched giving

Many employers will match the payroll donations of their staff which means you can easily double the value of your support at no extra cost.  Ask your employer if they will match your donations when you setup your gift.

How to set up a payroll gift

Payroll giving logo1. Simply contact your payroll officer or HR Department. If your organisation has a payroll giving scheme in place, they will easily be able to setup a pre-tax donation from your pay each payday. 

2. You can use this form provided by Payroll Giving in Action. An agency which Amnesty International UK works with to promote payroll giving.

If your employer doesn’t have a scheme in place, please try to encourage them to open one.  More details can be found on the HMRC website