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  • Campaign update: solidarity with Human Rights Defenders in Zimbabwe
  • Monthly Action: action on company reporting & transparency
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Show solidarity with human rights defenders in Zimbabwe

Although this year's elections were largely peaceful, considerable controversy arose over questions about the credibility of the election process.

Zimbabwe remains a dangerous and challenging country to be a human rights defender. Prior to the elections, there was a crackdown against civil society which brought fears of a repeat of the violent 2008 elections.
On 19 and 20 September many Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) members were beaten and arrested by police at peaceful demonstrations. WOZA leaders Jenni Williams and Magodonga Mahlangu were arrested on both days and Magodonga was also one of those beaten. These were the first WOZA demonstrations since the election.
On 28 November, Amnesty will launch a report to mark 100 days since the formation of the new government and we will use this opportunity to show solidarity from across the Amnesty movement.

Now is a key time to show our support for the Zimbabwe human right's community.

What you can do

We're asking groups to get create a human rights poster which we will pass on to human rights defenders in Zimbabwe. This briefing includes creative ideas as well as more information on the organisations and individuals that have been affected by the crackdown.

  • Download full instructions (PDF)

Monthly action: Company reporting and transparency

The EU will be adopting a directive requiring all large EU companies to provide non-financial information in their annual reports, which includes information on the human rights, social and environment impacts and risks of their activities throughout their supply chain.  Amnesty, along with other groups, has been campaigning for several years for the introductions of this reporting requirement as will help to raise standards by putting in the public domain more relevant information about the impact of companies.
The European Commission estimates that only 2500 out of the 42000 EU large companies are at present formally disclosing non-financial information and much of the information provided is inaccurate, irrelevant and difficult to compare.
We now need to put pressure on key MEPs to both strengthen the directive (by supporting the proposed amendments) and to ensure its successful passage.

What you can do

Write to your MEP (providing they are on the relevant EU Committee) and ask them to support a series of amendment which will strengthen the directive.

  • Download full instructions (PDF)
  • Download sample MEP letter (WORD)
  • Find out how to contact your MEP

Write for Rights 2013

Write for Rights 2013 will feature 13 new cases from around the globe. This briefing contains all the information you need to order your materials as well as a template press release and sample editor's letter for local media.

  • Download guidance notes for groups (WORD) 
  • Download template press release (WORD)
  • Download sample letter to editor (WORD)

Annual conference and AGM 2014

This year's AGM will be taking place in Edinburgh on 12-13 April 2014.

  • Download AGM invitation (PDF)

Groups News November 2013

Read the November edition of Groups News for all the latest updates from youth, student and local groups.

  • Download full newsletter (PDF)