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Thank you for choosing to take our short survey. As a new member of Amnesty International UK Section, your opinion is incredibly important to us.
You, and members like you, are the power behind Amnesty International’s defence of the human rights we should all enjoy. Your membership helps fund our human rights work, and when you take action, you strengthen our voice as we call for human rights to be respected and protected.

1. What was your main motivation for becoming a member of Amnesty International UK?
2. Please rank aspects of Amnesty International’s work in order of importance to YOU (please select only one of each number)
Investigating and exposing human rights abuses around the world (1 = least important 4 = most important)
Standing up and taking action for individuals whose human rights are being denied (1 = least important 4 = most important)
Holding governments, business’ and those in power to account in respect of human rights (1 = least important 4 = most important)
Educating people and communities about their human rights and how to claim them (1 = least important 4 = most important)
3. Which of the following human rights issues would you like to see Amnesty International campaign on? (Please select all that are relevant)

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