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Here's some tips for getting more members joining your youth group.

Holding a stall

Holding a stall at the beginning of term is a great way to get noticed, recruit new members and fundraise.


Choose a location where there will be lots of people passing by.

Make an impact

  • If you are in a large space make sure you have posters and banners as a backdrop.
  • Small leaflets won’t be seen in a large space.
  • Give away freebies such as stickers, posters, fair trade chocolate.

Take action

Make sure you have an action for people to do at the stall, such as making a patchwork square for Johan Teterissa 


Sell Amnesty pencils and badges, or food (always a winner!)

Be organised

  • Make sure you leave enough time to order materials from us
  • Try to have the details of your next meeting confirmed and advertise it on your stall

Make a banner to attract attention

  • Hang a large piece of cloth onto a large flat area of wall
  • Print an image or words onto a piece of acetate used for Over-Head Projectors and project the image onto the cloth. Use chalk or pencil to trace the image/words
  • Paint directly onto the banner using the outline you have just traced as a guide, or...
  • Cut out the image or words you have just traced and glue onto another piece of cloth. Use water based PVA glue – it dries clear.

Tips for making a banner

  • Go to a charity shop to pick up (clean) old sheets and cut them to size.
  • Best paints to use: Acrylics If painting the banner on the floor, put newspapers or plastic sheeting underneath first!
  • Banners may need to be made fire-retardant. Consult the relevant person in your school to be sure.
  • You can buy spray from artists or builders shops.


Download how to get more youth group members guide (PDF)