A Living Tradition CIC Gateshead Roma Kavárna Project Report for June 2018

The work of the Kavárna Drop-in on Coatsworth Road continued during June.   Hard on the heels of the news that £26 000 in unclaimed benefits had been found in the previous two and a half months , debt work continued to be an important area of our work.  

What has been a departure has been that the Kavárna has had lots of families asking about Brexit and want to apply for residency cards. As Brexit approaches, they are clearly getting worried that they will be sent back home. This is an area of work,  we envisage we will be doing something about, to an an increasing extent, over the next few months.  We have a representative at a parliamentary session in London on July 11th about fears in the Roma community over Brexit and hope to learn more then about the way forward.

We still plan to hold summer activities for children, while we have begun to provide free food for people in the Roma community from Greggs. Our thanks to Greggs for this opportunity.

Finally, we couldn't let the report end without a few words of thanks to Glen Thomas, from Gateshead Citizens Advice Bureau, who has been a real stalwart and helped many clients with their debt problems.  Glen has moved on to other work....good luck Glen! 

Peter Sagar, Company Secretary, A Living Tradition CIC, and Irma Karchnakova, interpreter and worker, July 2018

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