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June meeting (next meeting July 31)

Human rights actions this month

At the June meeting the following Human Rights Actions were taken:

1)Morocco- Letters were sent to the Moroccan authorities again on behalf of Ali Aarrass. His treatment amounts to torture. The UN committee against Torture issued a decision requesting the Moroccan authorities to improve his conditions of detention in order to prevent 'irreparable harm'.

2) Zimbabwe-long term case of Individual at risk coordinated by Alan. A photograph of the group was taken and sent with a message of support to the wife of journalist Itai Dzamara in Zimbabwe-Susanne to print picture for next letter in July 

3) A donation of £50 was sent from Wirral amnesty account to Amnesty in Sheffield in support of Egyptian journalist Shawkan.4 cards were actioned .He was part of Dec 2016 Write for Rights

4) Turkey -online actions taken on behalf of Taner Kılıç, the Chair of Amnesty International Turkey, has been detained in Turkey and wrongly accused of belonging to a so-called "terrorist" group.

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