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Social Media Action for "The Prisoner and the Pen"

We are very exciting to welcome hopefully many of you on Zoom and on the Gulf Center for Human Rights Facebook Live stream for our event "The Prisoner and the Pen". You can find more information in our previous post

However, we would like to invite you not only watch, but also join us and tweet during the event and also after the event to help to raise awareness for prisoner of conscience. Please use the special hashtag #PrisonerAndPen.

We prepared together with our friends from Gulf Center for Human Rights a few sample tweets: 


Just click on the link below each text to tweet it:


“You may fasten my chains, deprive me of my books…poetry will feed my heart… I will recite it in my prison cell… Under the chains, in spite of my handcuffs.” Mahmood Darwish #PrisonerAndPen


"شدوا وثاقي وامنعوا عني الدفاتر... فالشعر دم القلب...سأقولها في غرفة التوقيف...تحت القيد..في عنف السلاسل" محمود درويش #السجين-و-القلم



“Inside this lead-sealed arena, where they condemned me to shuffle, I have started to dig, entire tunnels and underground passages.” Abdellatif Laabi #PrisonerAndPen


“Each eye that reads what I have written, holds my hand and flies me over the lowlands, the springs, the forests, the seas, the towns and their streets. I travel the whole world in a prison cell.” Ahmed Altan #Prisoner&Pen


“I am a writer. You can imprison me but you cannot keep me here. Like all writers, I have magic.I can pass through your walls with ease.” Ahmed Altan #PrisonerAndPen


“The only way to counter repression is by revealing it. And yes there is always that possibility that I will go back to jail. But if we do not talk, who will?” @Ahmed_Mansoor #PrisonerAndPen #FreeAhmed


“Time does not gore my wounds anymore

For I have no wound and there is no such thing as time

Nor consolation.” @Ahmed_Mansoor #PrisonerAndPen #FreeAhmed


"لا زمن ينبش جراحي الآن


فلا جرح لي ولا زمن هناك


ولا عزاء" أحمد منصور #السجين-و-القلم  @Ahmed_Mansoor



“To think, tell & write freely is one of the most basic rights of every human in the world! However, to see, hear & read the diverse thoughts is intolerable for the rulers of authoritarian governments & the freedom to speak about it is a great crime.” @AtenaDaemi #PrisonerAndPen


“I am not a provoker, inciter nor a wrecker, nor a terrorist, nor a criminal or a traitor... Don't take away my right to life, freedom and dignity, don't take away all that I have dreamt of and striven for.” Nouf Abdulaziz #PrisonerAndPen

"أنا لست بمحرضة ولا مخربة ولا ارهابية ولا مجرمة ولا خائنة… لا تظلموني وتسلبوني حقي بالحياة والحرية والكرامة وكل ما حلمت به وطمحت اليه" نوف عبدالعزيز #السجين-و-القلم



“The existence of the law is not sufficient to bring about the desired change. Rather, it needs corrective or preventive measures to enable women to obtain the same opportunities available to men.” Nassima Al-Sadah #PrisonerAndPen


“A detainee has more than just a name, date of birth, history of detentions and a case. He also has a family, home, a dream and tiny details that never end; all of which have been confiscated till further notice.” Razan Zaitouneh #PrisonerAndPen @razanwzaitouneh


“My love think about a tomorrow when everyone will have a share of happiness ... how shall this prison is compared to our attainable dream of happiness and freedom.” Golrokh Iraee #PrisonerAndPen #FreeGolrokh @golrokhiraee #FreeArash


“Couples in Prison

You are under the sky of the same city

Just a little bit farther

And a wall between us

As deep as a hand span” Golrokh Iraee #PrisonerAndPen #FreeGolrokh @golrokhiraee #FreeArash


“I have a date with tomorrow

But, man, I am in prison

I would love to see you tomorrow

So will you visit me, if only in my dreams?” Galal El-Behairy #PrisonerAndPen #FreeGalal @free_galal


“Prison doesn’t kill, loneliness does.

I need your support, to not die.” Shadi Habash #PrisonerAndPen


“Resistance in prison means resisting yourself – protecting yourself and your humanity from the impact of what you see and live each day.” Shadi Habash #PrisonerAndPen

"مفهوم المقاومة في السجن: انك بتقاوم نفسك و بتحافظ عليها في و إنسانيتك من الآثار السلبية من اللي بتشوفوا و بتعيشوا كل يوم"  شادي حبش #السجين-و-القلم


Feel free to make your own tweets, use pictures and help us to make sure that all these writers and human rights defenders will not be forgotten. 

Be their voice!


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