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Next Meeting, 20 July 2021, 6:45 pm: Join our summer picnic (in person and outside)!

Our next group meeting is on Tuesday, 20 July, 6.45 pm. We are delighted and excited that we will meet in person and have a picnic outside. You are invited to come along, if you are a regular participant, on our distribution list, a friend of the group or a potential new member. Everyone is welcome. We want to celebrate Amnesty International 60th birthday, but we also want to celebrate that we see each other in person after 18 months. We also thought that it is certainly less risky from a COVID 19 perspective to have a meeting outside. 

We will meet at St. Peter Eaton Square 119 Eaton Square, London SW1W 9A. The nearest tube station is Victoria Station, but also Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge Station are not that far away. If the weather is bad, we will meet at our usual meeting room (building next to the church, room on the upper floor), but we hope for good weather and the forecast so far looks promising. We are very lucky that we got permission to use the Eaton Square Garden South Central for our picnic. It is just opposite the church. We will be able to borrow a couple of chairs from the church. Please also bring food and something to drink. We think it would be lovely if we could share food and drink, but ideally everyone should come prepared and have everything with them they need (including plates, cups and cutlery, if needed).

We will have no agenda for the meeting, but would like to ask everyone who comes to think about a few questions:  

1. Why are interested in human rights and why do you think it is important to campaign for human rights? 

2. Is there one specific case or one specific event which was important for your interest in human rights? 

3. Why did join Amnesty International? 

We will see how it goes and we can certainly also speak about other things, but we thought it would be nice to have some structure and guidance for the meeting.

We hope for many participants, good weather and good conversations


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