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Next meeting, 16 March 2021, 6.15 pm (for vigil) and 7 pm (for group meeting)

Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday 16 March 2021.

This will be a busy day. We plan to meet at 6:15 pm with members of other Amnesty groups and of other organisations who campaign for prisoners in the UAE on Zoom (virtual meeting) for an online vigil to mark the 4th anniversary of the arrest of the UAE human rights defender Ahmed Mansoor. We plan to make a short video clip which we want to share on social media on 20 March (the actual anniversary of his arrest). Please get in contact with our Group Secretary if you want to join this vigil.

Around 7 pm we will start our regular group meeting on Jitsi (virtual meeting). Please get in contact with our Group Secretary if you want to join this meeting. 

2021 is the 10th anniversary of the Arab Spring and also in particular of the Bahrain Upraising. We will watch a video clip by Ali Mushaima. Ali's father Hassan Mushaima was arrested on 17 March 2011. In an unfair trial he was sentenced to life in prison. Hassan Mushaima is a prisoner of conscience. He is not in good health and he does not receive proper medical care. Some of you might remember Ali Mushaima. He had been on hunger strike in front of the Bahraini Embassy in 2018 to raise awareness for his father and his basic demands for him. You can find more information about Hassan Mushaima in an Amnesty urgent action from December 2020:

We will also speak about the Nowruz Action in support of Iranian prisoners. Amnesty Toronto Iran Action Circle invited us to join this action. Here is further information about this action: (there are in particular sample tweets and sample Instagram posts). 

As always there will be updates on our group campaigns and we will speak about new urgent actions. 

Please join us for our meeting. All are welcome

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