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Group Meeting 26 January 2016 (Tuesday)

Happy New Year

Our first meeting in 2016, below is the agenda:

1. Meeting 24 November 2015 - Any Matters Arising.

2. Feedback - Write for Rights 6 December 2015 

3. Special Case Ali Aarrass 

4. Recent AIUK Communications - eg Regional Media Support Officer

5. Planning for Future - ideas from members are welcome

6. A O B

Some changes in the 2016. The group meetings will be in alternate months ie Jan, March, May etc (no meeting in August and December).

The street collection usually around June and the Write for Rights (Greeting Cards) usually in the first week of December, please refer to the lastest post for confirmation. Also if you have some free time, we always welcome extra help.

For those of you who cannot come to the meeting, feel free to email us your suggestion. Thanks.

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