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Write for Rights Mohamed Baker

Mohamed Baker has dedicated his career to defending the rights of the most marginalised people in Egypt. Because of his valuable work as a human rights lawyer, he has been targeted by the authorities, which falsely accused him of ‘terrorism’ and threw him in prison. Mohamed is the head of the Adalah Center for Rights and Freedoms, which supports human rights and people jailed unjustly. In September 2019, after going to the prosecutor’s office to defend his friend, he was himself arrested. The authorities made trumped-up, terrorism-related accusations against Mohamed, denied him a trial, and put him behind bars, simply because they disagreed with his human rights work.
In prison, Mohamed has been subjected to one cruelty after another. The authorities have held him in a cramped, fetid cell and deprived him of a bed or mattress, hot water, outdoor exercise, or photos of his family. They even
refused to let him see his dying father.

Defending people's freedoms should not cost Mohamed his own.

Send a message of support and solidarity to Mohamed. Sending solidarity letters to Egypt can lead to reprisals
against the family or the lawyer. Instead, Mohamed’s wife has created an email account to receive support messages: You can also use the following official Twitter account and Facebook page to express support for him: @FreeBaker2
Language: English or Arabic
Suggested message: Use the
hashtag #Free_Bakerr in your message

Mohamed is a cat lover and owns five cats. You can send drawings of cats or pictures of your own cats. 

You can use a religious card, mention Amnesty and include your name and address if you wish.

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