Trojan Women

On Wednesday November 20th we have a group outing to see the play 'The Trojan Women' by Euripides which will be performed in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford on Avon, a play with relevance to the work of Amnesty and human rights.

Please join us if you can, we will meet outside the church at 7.20 p.m. for a 7.30 start. You will need to buy your own ticket on the door.

'The Trojan Women' was first performed in 415 BC and the play's dramatist looks at the effect of war through women's eyes as they wait to be carried off into slavery by the victorious Greeks. 

This production is dedicated to the women and children still being abused in acts of war and to all victims of slavery. In the recent past we remember Bosnian and Yazidi women and girls along with the students from Chibok, Nigeria.

If you can't join us on November 20th, there are also performances on Tuesday 19th, Friday 22nd at 7.30 and on Saturday 23rd at 4.30.


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