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Write for Rights success

Great news we've busted our Write for Rights target! We are delighted to announce that with a big effort and lots of support we increased the number of appeal and solidarity actions on the previous year to four hundred and seventy eight appeal or action cards, an increase of forty nine. All of which shows how much we support and value the support of our members and other groups in Stratford on Avon who salute the courage of individuals at risk of humiliation, imprisonment, violence or death because they stand for freedom, justice and equality around the world. It shows how much we care! 

We supported people like Pavriti Manjhi from India who is defending the rights of her indigenous Adivasi community against a company who wants to drive them off the land to make way for power plants. A Stratford Amnesty supporter wrote for example: "We all admire you for your patience and perseverance. I can assure you of our support and urge you to continue to fight for your land and people. I hope you enjoy this awesome photograph of the Grand Canyon"  (pictured on the card). 

Or: "Our campaign shines a light on the struggles you face. You deserve justice, freedom from harassment and intimidation and your land to call home. We are with you."

To Marielle Franco's parents in Brazil, her sister and partner (Marielle was killed for defending the people of Rio) we wrote: "Although I didn't know Marielle, I am glad to be able to write to you to thank you for supporting her. She was strong, determined and brave. Her spirit is with us as we work in solidarity for a fairer and more just world".

Next year we will continue to support brave women like these.

Join us to support the Write for Rights campaign 2018 here.


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