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Join our Write for Rights Campaign 2018

Join our global Write for Rights Campaign this year. We are launching our campaign here in Stratford on Wednesday November 14th at our regular meeting, just drop in to the Friends' Meeting House, 37 Maidenhead Road, Stratford on Avon from 7.00 onwards. If you can't join us then don't worry  Here's how to get started!

We are going to focus in particular on four cases this year: 

Atena Daemi  Jailed for opposing the death penalty. Atena Daemi is an Iranian woman serving seven years in jail for criticising Iran's death penalty on social media. She handed out leaflets and took part in a peaceful protest against the execution of a young woman. The authorities arrested her for this in 2016 - her sham trail lasted just 15 minutes. 

Geraldine Chacon Persecuted for her youth work. Geraldine Chacon is a bright Venezuelan law graduate and Amnesty youth activist. She is an amazing role model for young women in her country, but instead of supporting her work, the Venezuelan authorities have persecuted her for years. 

Nawal Benaissa Hounded for demanding change. Nawal is a campaigner and leading voice in the popular Hirak movement, a rights group working for social justice and better health services for people living in the Rif region of Morocco. Over the course of four months she was arrested four times and ordered to close her Facebook account which had 80,000 followers. In February 2018 she was fined and given a 10 month suspended sentence for 'inciting to commit an offence'.

Nonhle Mbuthuma  Death threats for protecting her community. Nonhle is part of the Amadiba community who've living for centuries in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. For over a decade she's led a peaceful struggle against the company that wants to mine on her people's ancestral land. For this she's faced intimidation, harassment and death threats. A fellow campaigner has been killed. 

We believe these four inspiring women deserve our support and encouragement in their struggles. You can help, to take action either follow the links or join us on November 14th.



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