Up Then Brave Women

International Women's Day has been observed in some form every year since 1909.  In 1977, the UN declared that 8th March would be adopted as the UN day for women's rights and world peace, and since then 8th March has been the regular date on which we recognise the contribution of women to society, and draw attention to the struggles of women worldwide.

Red Flag Walks will be organising a number of walks in Manchester around the date of International Women's Day.  A few of us from Stockport Group are intending to join the walk "Up Then Brave Women: Manchester's Radical Women" on Friday 8th March, which sounds fascinating.

For those of you who can't make a weekday morning, Red Flag Walks have walks on the preceding and following Sunday, which also reflect on the role of women in Manchester's radical history.  There's a walk based on "Women at Peterloo" on Sunday 3rd March, and one based on the theme of "Votes For Women" on Sunday 10th.

Full details at the aforementioned Red Flag Walks website; hope to see some of you there.

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