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Important information about our July meeting, please read

Our monthly meetings have been taking place online for months now, but for our July meeting we're returning to face-to-face.

Obviously we need to be a bit careful, and we're limited to the number of attendees that we can have, so just for the time being can we ask that it's just members who come along? We normally love to put out an open invitation to anyone who might be interested in either joining us or simply seeing what we're all about, but we're not doing that just for now. Once we've got a grip on this, we'll start to encourage new friends to come along.

Hope you understand.

Details of the meeting, including the special arrangements to make things COVID-secure, have already gone out on the mailing list, so check your email, and if you intend to come, please do remember to email Helen R so that we can manage the numbers.


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