Take a selfie for Aster

Poster in support of freeing Aster
Poster asking for Aster's release. Please take a selfie holding the poster and send it to us. © Alex Jackson, AIUK Country Coordinator for Eritrea

Aster Fissehatsion was an Eritrean politician. She was arrested in 2001 for signing an open letter to the President asking for democracy and a constitution. She had no trial and has not been heard of since. If still alive, she is one of thousands of detainees in Eritrea’s network of prisons, at daily risk of torture and ill-treatment.

You can download the attached A4 poster that we have prepared to ask for her release and take a picture of you and your friends and family.  Please send your photo(s) to the Southampton group email, AmnestySouthampton@yahoo.co.uk, by the end of Saturday 18th February.  We will collate all the photos in a single poster that we will send to the president of Eritrea.

You can find more information on Aster at



and read an article written by her son at


with a related news item at


PDF version of the A4 poster asking for Aster's release
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