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Plans for our March 2012 Meeting

Our March meeting will be next Thursday, 8th March at St. Mary's Church Hall, Church Street, Twickenham starting at 8pm. We will have an explanation of the working of the Amnesty Urgent Action, the process by which we highlight prisoners facing immediate execution, or who have just been disappeared by an oppressive regime or some other serious infringement of human rights. 

This allows AI supporters in any country to immediately send emails, faxes, telephone calls and letters to the perpetrators. The effect of thousands of critical protests descending on a government has shown to be far more effective than criticism from other governments.

We will have the Urgent Actions for next week and will send our protests from the meeting. We will also have a report from the meeting of local peace organisations, including ourselves, who are organising a group petition to Vince Cable M.P., opposing the export of arms equipment to non-democratic and oppresive regimes.

Contact: John Reekie 0208 898 7600

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