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Women's Rights Are Human Rights

The next monthly local group meeting is on Tuesday 15th November, 7:15pm at the Town Hall.

This meeting is an opportunity to learn more about - and take action for - Amnesty's My Body My Rights campaign and to hear from a frontline campaigner against modern slavery and sexual exploitation.

All over the world, women are denied basic choices about their bodies and their lives.

Speaker: Kate Clayton-Hathway

COMBAT Human Trafficking is a two-year, EU-funded project to identify the problems of modern slavery and sexual exploitation in the hospitality industry. Kate C-H, a member of the project team, will talk about how this work is tackling such human rights abuses which overwhelmingly affect women.

There will also be the usual letter writting, campaign and event updates.

This event is open to members and non-members, all are welcome!  

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