The Oxford Amnesty group has recently switched from the Yahoo group to the Mailchimp mailing list service.

Why are we doing this?

Adding new people to the Yahoo mailing list was a cumbersome process and we found that many people who expressed an interest in joining the mailing list did not sucessfully join. We want to reach as many people as possible with news of our meetings, events and campaigns and Yahoo was not enabling us to do this.

How can I joing in the conversation?

Although Mailchimp does not enable group members to email the entire group like Yahoo does, you can still communicate with the group by:

1. Emailing any of the committee and asking them to email the group via Mailchimp - contact details are on the About page. In particular we have set up the email for this purpose.

2. Posting on our Facebook page (https//

3. Getting involved in discussions at our monthly meetings

If you have not been getting any Mailchimp emails from the group and there are none in your spam folder either, please email us at



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