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Successful letter writing session in Minehead

Stamped and addressed envelopes
Letters ready for posting overseas

At last we were able to meet face to face again for a letter writing session on 15 July 2021. Six of us sat at two tables in the Beach Hotel, and in spite of a certain amount of chat, we wrote 24 letters. We covered nine cases from the summer Amnesty magazine and the Real Lives booklets. Six letters were sent on behalf of a student who was blinded by police while taking part in a non-violent protest against rising prices and inequality. The other cases were in Colombia, China, Turkey, Gambia, Chile, the UAE, Canada, Malawi, and the Russian Federation.

A big thank you to our member, Peter, who kindly provided the stamps again. Also a thank you to the Beach Hotel who were very welcoming and reserved us tables in a quiet spot.

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